A suitcase full of memories...

From the captivating, exotic and magical island of Bali






Let Tiing Gading be your sanctuary in a holiday of your choosing.

  • Discover incomparable natural beauty, elaborate festivals, ancient culture and wonders of a gentle people

  • Come observe a way of life which one reads about only in books

  • Come observe and participate in rituals full of life and meaning

  • Step back in time with us to a land where tradition, history, culture and romance are the order of the day

  • Come to rest and recover

  • Come rediscover you

Tiing Gading is the Balinese phrase for Golden Bamboo, a sacred symbol on this Island of the Gods.


More than just a place to rest your head.

Way Ubud ?

There was a time that most travelers would go to Ubud on a day trip from the coast and return the same day. This view has changed dramatically, and more tourists are now spending many days in Ubud :

·         For one reason, Ubud is by far the most traditional area of Bali

·       Most favorite tourists sights are located just north of Ubud and are easily reached by means of day trips using Ubud as a base

·        Temple dances are performed every night in many different locations in Ubud

·       Ubud is the centre of arts and crafts : Most painters, dancers, wood carvers, basket makers and silver smiths live in or near Ubud. One may visit a magnificent  bird park, a reptile park, a zoo and local botanical gardens within minutes from Ubud

·         Ubud has a number of interesting walking trails

·        White water rafting is done just a few kilometers from the centre of Ubud

·         Ubud boasts some of the best restaurants in Bali

·         Two of most important Indonesian museums are located in Ubud

·       Ubud has an array of fashionable shops where merchandise of excellent quality my be brought at reasonable prices



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